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October FoodWIse Nutrition Newsletter (PDF, 4 pages, 3 MB)

August 2023-FoodWIse Newsletter (PDF 4 pages, 1MB)

2022 FoodWIse Nutrition Newsletters

2021 FoodWIse Newsletters

December 2021     (PDF, 4pgs, 2MB)

FoodWIse Nutrition Nov 2021     November 2021  (PDF, 4 pgs, 2MB)

October FoodWIse Newsletter   October 2021 (PDF, 4pgs, 3MB)

September FoodWIse Newsletter September 2021 (PDF,4 pgs,3MB)

August 2021 FoodWIse Newsletter Header  August 2021 (PDF, 4pgs,4MB )

July 2021 (PDF,4 pgs, 4 MB)

  June 2021 (PDF, 4 pgs, 2MB)

FoodWIse May 2021 May 2021 (PDF, 4pgs,2MB) 

April 2021 FoodWIse Newsletter Header April 2021 (PDF, 4pgs, 2MB)

Header for March 2021 FoodWIse Newsletter March 2021 (PDF, 5pgs, 3MB)

FoodWIse Nutrition February February 2021  (PDF,4pgs,3MB)

FoodWIse January 2021 Newsletter Header JANUARY 2021 (PDF,4pgs.3MB)

2020 FoodWIse Newsletters

If you have any questions regarding FoodWIse in Ashland/Bayfield/Iron Counties,  please contact:

Stephanie Bakker, FoodWIse Nutrition Coordinator Ashland/Bayfield/Iron Counties

(Home office) Extension Bayfield County
Bayfield County Courthouse, 2nd Floor
Washburn, WI 54891

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