Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations

Final Report of Bayfield County Large‐Scale Livestock Study Committee

(PDF – 71 pages, 1.44   MB)



As part of its work, the Study Committee heard from experts on a range of topics.  Presentations from the experts are available below.



State and Local Regulations of Livestock Operations

105 pages, 12.6 MB

Clean Water Act, Impaired Waters, Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs)
and CAFO Permitting

32 pages, 1.09 MB

NRCS 313 Manure Storage Standard

160 pages, 38.09 MB

When It Hits The Fan…Pathogens from Human and Swine Sources
in the Environment

45 pages, 3.47 MB

Surface Water Quality in Bayfield County

43 pages, 3.54 MB

Groundwater in Bayfield County

47 pages, 9.11 MB

Surface Water Quality in the Chequamegon Bay Region

28 pages, 2.2 MB

Groundwater & Drinking Water Education Program Overview 

12 pages, 2.18 MB

Antimicrobial and Drug Use in Swine

33 pages, 1.1 MB

Antibiotic Usage and Resistance on Dairy Farms

4 pages, 884 KB

From Waste to Worth: Anaerobic Digestion

37 pages, 4.03 MB

Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations and Human Health in Wisconsin

24 pages, 826 KB

Groundwater Quality Overview

35 pages, 2.4 MB

Groundwater and Wells in Agricultural Regions of Bayfield County

15 pages, 3.58 MB

Jason Fischbach
Emerging Crops Specialist
University of Wisconsin-Extension

711 for Wisconsin Relay (TDD)


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