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Extension Bayfield County Highlights – 2018 Annual Report

This report showcases some of the accomplishments of our educators in 2018. The partnerships between Bayfield County and the University of Wisconsin Division of Extension allows resources and information to be delivered to our residents and have an impact on our communities. If you know of an informational or educational need in your community, organization, business or family, please let us be a resource to help address it by contacting our office.  We look forward to serving you in the future.


October 4-H Family Newsletter

This year, the National Science Experiment, 4-H Maps & Apps, turns young people into geospatial thinkers as they design and map their ideal park, use GIS mapping to solve community problems and contribute data about their community to the United State Geological Survey. Tessah Wickus, our AmericorpsVista Volunteer, has all the materials to lead this experiment. If you are interested in this opportunity, call the office and set up a time for her to visit your 4-H club.


August 4-H Family Newsletter

On April 27th the Bayfield County 4-H Cultural Arts Festival was held at the Drummond High School. This annual display of the artistic talents of 4-H members is highlighted on pages 3-4 of the newsletter. A special thanks goes out to the dedicated 4-H leaders and parents who support this important experience for 4-H members.


January – February 4-H Family Newsletter

January is a great time to get a good start with your 4-H projects and avoid the last minute “it’s almost fair time – too much to do!” blues. Start by setting some goals and writing them down on your project record sheets. If you start your record book now, you’ll be way ahead in August when it’s time to turn them in!


January-February 4H Family Newsletter

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Ashland-Bayfield Counties Agriculture Newsletter

Learn about the following topics in the December 2010 issue of the Ashland/Bayfield County Agriculture Newsletter: Upcoming Events Producing Hay for Profit Workshop Series School for Beginning Gardeners Northern Safari Bayfield Fruit Clinic Dairy Needs Assessment and Summit High Tunnel/Greenhouse Growers Network  Research Projects No-Till Seeding Trial Wine Grape Trial Sweet Cherry UFO Trial Lake […]