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In-Person & Online Class -A Famer's Toolkit for Well-being-April Classes Cancelled

– April classes cancelled.

A Farmer’s Toolkit for wellbeing (PDF,1pg,436MB)

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Small Ruminant Webinar Series

2022 Small Ruminants Series   

APRIL 2022
Friday, April 8 | 11am – 12pm YOUTUBE LIVESTREAM
Strategic Thinking for the Farm Business: Putting Your Farm Values to Work

Strategic thinking is the intuitive, visual, and creative process you use to make decisions about your farm business. Strategic thinking is all about thinking ahead, anticipating what your competition is going to do, and then taking risks in order to succeed.  Our values shape how we make the day to day and long-term decisions that affect our business and our future. Being able to define exactly what our personal, family, and business values are, allows us to more clearly understand our WHY – or what’s behind what motivates us and drives us to make decisions, accomplish goals, and be successful.  In this session, Extension Educator Steph Plaster will explore how to craft your values and put them to work in order to design your future rather than let the future happen to you.  For more information and resources visit:…

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Tuesday, April 12 | 7:30 – 8:30pmZOOM MEETING
SRW - Bridging the gap between meat goat hobby and commercial meat goat business

Join Small Ruminant Extension Educators in learning about bridging the gap from a hobby meat goat farm to a more commercial farm operation.  JJ Jones, Agriculture Economics Extension Specialist from Oklahoma State University, will dive into questions that a hobby farmer needs to consider as they investigate scaling production beyond selling meat to friends and family.  Learn about management practices useful in the transition from hobby to a commercial farm, gain insight into strategies to improve your herd’s genetic base, and explore if you have enough market to support expansion beyond your circle.

Friday, April 22 | 11am – 12pm YOUTUBE LIVESTREAM
Cultivating Personal Strength and Resilience: We-COPE for Farmers and Agriculture

This 60-minute session will explore a sampling of activities and skills that research shows can dramatically reduce personal stress, improve physical health, and cultivate a sense of peace and well-being even for those who live and work in the busy and unpredictable world of agriculture. Whether you are a farm operator, manager, employee, or other professional connected to the ag industry, the We-COPE Program draws from clinical research studies about actions that are shown to make a difference in our lives, relationships, decision making and sense of well-being.  Extension Specialists John Shutske and Educator Amanda Corough will demonstrate skills that can be built into our daily lives and busy routines without a great deal of effort or time. This program builds on and amplifies the strengths and skills that people associated with farming already tend to do well and practice regularly.

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MAY 2022
Tuesday, May 10 | 7:30 – 8:30pmZOOM MEETING
SRW - All about Arlington

Join Todd Taylor, the University of Wisconsin – Madison Sheep Research Program Manager at the Arlington Agricultural Research Station Sheep Unit, and Extension Educators for an in-depth look into sheep research, teaching, and extension activities and events at the Arlington Agricultural Research Station.


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