Older Member Awards

2023 Deadline to Apply is September 24th!

2023 Award & Trip Descriptions

** Your “grade” is the grade you are entering this September, 2023

4-H Key Award

Students entering your senior year: This prestigious award provides special recognition to 4-H members in their senior year of high school who have demonstrated consistent growth in the 4-H program, developed and applied their leadership skills, and actively participated in the functions of their club and community.  4-H’ers must have completed at least three years in the program.  The award is sponsored by the Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation. Applicants need to complete the following:

  • Include a 500-word essay: “How I Have Grown Through 4-H.”
  • Complete older member award application
  •  Ask for a letter of recommendation from your Club Leader.
  • All record books from past years are to be submitted

Winners receive a framed certificate, a personalized plaque, and pin.

    Awards Selected on Basis of Older Member Award Application

                 Beginning Leadership Award (Grades 8-12): This award is intended for youth in eighth grade or older who are just beginning their 4-H leadership and have demonstrated good leadership qualities.  Recipients will be recognized with a certificate for outstanding beginning leadership.

Outstanding Leadership Award (Grades 10-12): This award recognizes individuals who have demonstrated consistent leadership abilities at club and county levels.  Tenth grade or older will be selected and awarded a certificate of recognition.

Outstanding Youth Project Leader (Grades 8-12): This award recognizes individuals who have demonstrated the ability to teach younger members project-related skills.

Beginning Community Service Award (Grades 8-12): This award recognizes individuals who have excelled in service to their communities.  Include all community service for the last three years with your application.

Outstanding Community Service Award (Grades 10-12): This award recognizes members grades 10 and up who have taken a leadership role in providing service to their community. 

Young Entrepreneur Award (Grades 8-12): This award is intended for youth in 8th grade or older who are beginning their own small business venture. On a separate page please describe your small business. Include what you have learned, how long you have been running a small business, and what your plans are for the future.

Advanced Entrepreneurship Award (Grades 10-12): This award recognizes an individual in 10th grade or older, who has grown in their experience in running a small business. On a separate page please describe your small business. Include what you have learned, how long you have been running a small business, and what your plans are for the future.

4-H Ambassadors (Grades 8-12): Our 4-H Ambassadors are the role models of our county 4-H program. Applicants to the Ambassador program should be dedicated and ambitious 4-H members who are interested in collaborating with other county youth to improve the Bayfield County 4-H program. Youth in 4-H will be recognized for their involvement and knowledge of the 4-H program and their desire to serve as 4-H Ambassadors.  Bayfield County 4-H Ambassador duties include reaching the public with the 4-H story, helping other 4-H’ers better understand the 4-H program, promoting 4-H programs and events in the media, and assisting with and hosting 4-H programs and events.  This is a two-year term and as an ambassador you will be required to join us for a Zoom planning meeting in October and you are encouraged to attend Fall Forum in November.

Legislative Citation (Grades 11-12): This prestigious award recognizes an individual in 11th grade or older who has demonstrated outstanding service and leadership in their community through their 4-H involvement.  An essay describing the applicant’s leadership and community service should be included with the application.  All applicants must have received the Outstanding Community Service Award & the Outstanding Leadership award.  The panel may nominate one qualified candidate per year. The successful candidate will receive a citation signed by a State Legislator representing Bayfield County to be presented at the 4-H Recognition Dinner.

Trip & Travel Opportunities

4-H SENIOR TRIP: Grades 11-12. New this year! This is a special opportunity to receive funding for a project related educational experience of your choice. This should be a conference, show, or learning opportunity related to a 4-H project that you are passionate about. Individuals can only be awarded this trip one time, either during their junior or senior year of high school. If awarded, The Bayfield County 4-H Leaders Association will pay half of or up to $800 of your trip costs including registration, travel, & lodging. In order to apply for this trip, please include an additional page answering the planning questions below.

1. Trip details

a. Name of 4-H project this trip is related to.

b. Name of conference, show, etc.Description of conference, show, etc.What do you hope to learn and gain from this experience?

c. How will you share what you learn with your club and community?

2. Trip costs

a. Registration fees

b. Mileage/ travel cost ((total miles to and from location x $0.65) + airfare estimate if applicable)

c. Lodging cost- if not included in registration fee please research costs for affordable area hotels.

d. Total estimated cost (sum of a-c)

SUMMER ACADEMY: Grades 8-10. 4 days mid-June. This Positive Youth Development conference will help you discover pathways to your future. Signup to learn what it takes to have a career, or a hobby in several SPARK areas including agriculture, STEM, service, leadership, arts, trades, and many more. There will be fun opportunities to build networks and friendships with folks from all over the state of WI. Takes place on the UW-Madison campus with lodging in UW residence halls. If awarded, the 4-H Leaders Association will cover ½ of the cost of this trip ($350 total). Your estimated cost will be $175. https://4h.extension.wisc.edu/opportunities/statewide-events-and-opportunities/summer-academy/

CITIZENSHIP WASHINGTON FOCUS: Grades 10-12. Late June/early July.  Approximately 120 Wisconsin youth are selected to attend this leadership program held at the National 4-H Center in Washington, D.C.  Participants learn the importance of civic and social responsibilities as they relate to the development of better citizens and leaders. The week consists of participatory workshops, speakers, committee work, field trips, and social events. Bayfield County selects up to three delegates to each receive a partial scholarship to attend.   Participants must have attended another State 4-H event prior to going on this trip.If awarded, the 4-H Leaders Association will cover ½ of the cost of this trip ($1750 total). Your estimated cost will be $875.

FALL FORUM:  Grades 8-12. November 4-5, Green Lake, WI. The Forum provides youth and adult volunteers the opportunity to learn, teach, network, and discuss critical issues and initiatives with the 4-H Youth Development program area state and local staff on policies affecting Wisconsin 4-H.  Award includes full cost, travel, & lodging. All 4-H Ambassadors are encouraged to attend this conference. Your cost= FREE.

AMERICAN SPIRIT EAST:  Grades 8-10. 3 10-day trip dates to choose from in June & July. The American Spirit East Leadership Program is an opportunity for youth to develop knowledge of America’s Heritage, citizenship and leadership through a 10-day educational tour of historical sites in the Eastern states & Canada including Philadelphia, New York City, Boston, & Niagara Falls. If awarded, the 4-H Leaders Association will cover ½ of the cost of this trip ($1900 total). Your estimated cost will be $950. https://4h.extension.wisc.edu/opportunities/statewide-events-and-opportunities/american-spirit-east/

SUPERIOR DAYS:  Grades 8-12. 4 days in Madison. April 8-11, 2024. Superior Days is a lobbying event held in February at the State Capital in Madison where adults and youth from Northwest Wisconsin present legislative issues unique to Northern Wisconsin through face-to-face conversations with elected representatives and their staff.  Prior to attending, Superior Days delegates must attend three planning meetings.  4-H members have found this experience both a challenging and rewarding leadership experience. Ian Meeker chaperones this trip and all expenses are covered by Bayfield County. Your cost= FREE https://www.douglascountywi.org/1086/Superior-Days

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