4-H Community Clubs

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Bayfield county has 9 active 4-H Community Clubs spread out throughout the county. These clubs are made up of youth members (K-12) and adult leaders that usually live in the same geographic area or town. They hold regular meetings year round that are led by certified adult leaders from the community and elected youth officers. Clubs often focus on sommunity service activities, youth leaderhship, and group learning experiences. In addition, youth choose the projects that interest them and work on hands on learning throughout the 4-H year (September-October), usually with the support of a certified adult project leader. Many members in community clubs showcase their project work at the Bayfield County Fair in August.

Club Name Focus Community Meeting Information Leader Contact Information
Clover Valley Cornucopia, Herbster, Red Cliff, Bayfield Cornucopia Community Center Seeking organizational leader.
Drummond Explorers Drummond, Cable Drummond Public Library– 1st Monday of each month, 5:45pm Kelli Tuttle bluestemforest@cheqnet.net 
Friendly Valley Washburn, Bay View Washburn Public Library– 1st Monday of each month, 5:30pm Dede Maki
Gitche Gumee Iron River & Oulu The Oulu Workshop– Wednesdays at 7pm

Cindy Luzzatto (mustangclb@yahoo.com) or Peggy Golly (wmgolly@cheqnet.net)

Great Divide Grand View Grand View Town Hall– Last Sunday of the month 2pm Heather Kinnunen (wisconsinwriter@gmail.com)
Ino Valley Ino, Keystone Keystone Town Hall– Last week of the month Glory Bizub (hobbyshop@yahoo.com or 715-746-2311)
Pine Creek Mason, Moquah Moquah Town Hall– 3rd Tuesday of the month, 6pm Caloney Mesik or Amanda Tutor 
Whispering Pines Port Wing South Shore School- (2nd Wednesday of each month, 5:30pm) Marla Lahti

Contact Ian Meeker at ian.meeker@wisc.edu or Kaylie Lukas at kaylie.lukas@wisc.edu for more information on 4-H Clubs in your area.

Requests for reasonable accommodations for disabilities or limitations should be made prior to the date of the program or activity for which it is needed. Please do so as early as possible prior to the program or activity so that proper arrangements can be made. In certain situations, information related to requests may be shared with staff or units necessary to help coordinate an appropriate accommodation.


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