2021 Virtual Demonstration Contest

Virtual Demonstration Contest
Open to all youth in grades K-12 who are enrolled in 4-H!
Individuals may submit one demonstration video each.
Videos will be judged, and prizes will be awarded in each category.
Grades K-2 (Cloverbud) :1-3 minute video
Grades 3-5: 3-5 minute video
Grades 6-8: 6-12 minute video
Grades 9-13: 6-12 minute videoSubmissions are due by March 5, 2021.To submit your video entry go to: https://bit.ly/GoogleFormBayCoDemo after you complete this form and click “submit” you will be given a link to BOX where you can upload your video.

Please call 715-373-3287 or email kaylie.lukas@wisc.edu with your questions.

Demonstrations aren’t difficult; you just tell how to do something by using action words such as cut, fold, stir, mix or saw. For example, say,”Fold the paper into halves,” as you actually fold the paper. Explain why you are doing the step.

Why give demonstrations? A demonstration helps others learn how to do something useful, perhaps in an easier or more practical way.

Demonstrating is one of the best methods of teaching others, because it involves visual and verbal presentations at the same time.

Remember to have fun! Making a video demonstration opens up a lot of opportunities! You could take us out to your barn, get your family members involved, show us how to do something outdoors, the options are endless! Older members are welcome to edit their videos and add effects if that is something they are interested in.

Get creative!

A video demonstration has three parts:
1. Introduction — what the member is demonstrating
2. Body — the steps of the skill and how to do them.
3. Summary — review of the steps.

Members should consider the following as they select a demonstration topic.
· Can I demonstrate the topic in the allotted time?
· Does the topic have enough action?
· Is the topic appropriate for my age and experience?

For more information call Kaylie Lukas at the Bayfield County 4-H Office at 715-373-3287 or email kaylie.lukas@wisc.edu.

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