Ashland & Bayfield Counties Agriculture & Horticulture Newsletter

UW Extension is pleased to bring to you the

 farmers, gardeners, and homesteaders of the Chequamegon Bay region of Northern Wisconsin.

Ashland/Bayfield Counties Agricultural Newsletter


Ag/Hort Newsletter Winter 2021

In this issue we feature New Growth, Old Traditions, a farmer focus, and Clean Sweep for 2021.

Ext UW Ag Newsletter Winter 2021     (PDF, 16 pgs, 11MB)

Ag/Hort Newsletter - Nov 2020

In this issue we feature our area’s own expert Naturalist and her native seed restoration projects. We delve into UW Extension programs like disaster preparedness and introduce our FoodWIse Educators. We also cover current and upcoming conferences on. . . UWEX Ag Newsletter Nov 2020 (PDF,14pgs,16MB)

Ag/Hort Newsletter - Spring 2020

Agriculture in Ashland/Bayfield Counties is very diverse so we’ll try to provide something for everyone. For this first issue, we focus on high tunnels, with more than 30 farms with high tunnel greenhouses in our region, it is getting to be a popular way to grow food. UWEX Ag Newsletter Spring 2020

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