Planning AHEAD

Planning AHEAD

Planning AHEAD is a 7-session course (one hour each) that guides participants through the topics listed on the left. This course features a free workbook to help people with the tasks and decisions associated with end-of-life planning. This is a Virtual Option.

When: Thursdays, March 28th*- April 4th- May 16th, 2024 *March 28th will be a required tech check in*
Where: Virtually via Zoom
Time: 11:00 am to 12:00 pm
Register by Monday, March 25th.

Connection information will be sent to registered participants. Space is limited.

For more information, contact Tracy Henegar, UW-Madison Extension Bayfield & Douglas Human Development & Relationships Educator at or 715-395-1426 or Heidi Ungrodt, UW-Madison Extension Ashland & Bayfield Human Development & Relationships Educator at or 715-373-3288.

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