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Interested in becoming a Master Gardener? Please check out the  University of Wisconsin-Extension  online Master Gardener Program

Visit the MG Statewide Extension Event Calendar for a listing of gardening and horticulture learning opportunities. Such as:

Foundations in Gardening Online Program

Learn to Garden with Extension

Growing and Caring for Plants in Wisconsin: Foundations in Gardening (Foundations in Gardening) teaches participants university research based methods to successfully grow their plants and manage common pests. The course introduces a decision-making framework used by gardeners that focuses on understanding how plants best grow, why pests and problems happen, and how to keep plant problems from happening.

 If you are interested in becoming a Wisconsin Extension Master Gardener, this course is considered an approved learning opportunity from the Wisconsin Extension Horticulture Program. Visit for more information.

Whether you are a beginner, avid gardener or professional, you and your plants will benefit from this course. For more information and to register for Foundations in Gardening, visit: 

WI Master Gardener Program

WI Division of Extension Master Gardener Program  Find information on gardening and on Being a Master Gardener.

Master Gardener Online Reporting System

This Online Reporting System (ORS) is here to help you get registered and to count your hours.

Master Gardener Online Reporting System (ORS)

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For more information contact: the State of Wisconsin’s Master Gardeners website.

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