For 4-H Club Treasurers & Leaders

As you are probably aware, keeping good club treasury records is more important than ever. You may have also discovered that it’s much easier to keep an accurate, on-going record of income and payments than to try and recreate it later. To get off to a good start this year we strongly urge you to do the following:

Use the “Club Financial Records” forms found below.  If you use the Excel document the math is done for you! Treasurers can type in and save this document to their own computers.

A NEW record keeping form called 4-H Club Treasurers Report—NEW is available below as a zipped file which you can download; or request a copy from the office.  If you use this one it will automatically generate the  financial information needed for the Club Charter.

Start your records as of July 1, 2020. July 1, 2020– June 30, 2021 is the period of activity that will need to be audited next year. We need to get in the habit of using these dates.

Treasurers need to work closely with an adult who can help them understand how to do their job and the importance of it to their club as a whole.

Remember that financial records tell a story about what your club values and supports. Add enough detail to the lines to explain where the money came from or why it was paid out. If money is paid to an individual, tell why (i.e. camp scholarship, reimbursement for supplies, etc.).

We know you are all good stewards of the money in your treasuries and keeping detailed records takes some work, but in the end, remember it teaches us all about handling money and being accountable, life lessons worth learning.

Financial Records

  • 4-H Club Treasurers Report – NEW (Zipped file – Excel Workbook)

    • Each month is on a different tab.
    • Annual Report has a separate tab
      • All monthly totals are carried over to the Annual Report tab.



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