4-H Cultural Arts Festival

Saturday April 13th, 2024

Drummond School Auditorium & Cafeteria

Entry forms accepted now through April 2nd

What is the 4-H Cultural Arts festival?

4-H Cultural Arts Festival is a historical 4-H event that has been going on for over 20 years. This is a one day event with multiple parts, all related to the arts! It is an art, craft, music, & drama show just for our area’s youth and it is judged by knowledgeable local artists.


Youth from all over the county can sign up as a group or as an individual to perform a skit, play, puppet show, song, instrumental, dance, or other performance of their choosing on-stage and in front of a supportive audience of 4-H families.

All performances are judged by local artists and professionals, and feedback is provided to participants after each performance.

Art & Craft Entries

Youth from all over the county bring their drawing, painting, crafts, photography, creative writing, ceramics, & Lego creation entries to the event and set them up on tables in the school’s commons area outside of the auditorium.

While the performances take place, a group of local artists go through and judge all of the entries & the award winners for the different categories are announced afterwards on-stage. This year we have beautiful large ribbon rosettes that will go out to all of our award winners!

Judges also provide time to meet one-on-one with individuals and provide them with feedback on their work.

Who can take part?

Any Bayfield County youth in grades K-13 can enter, so please tell your non-4-H friends about this event! Non 4-Hers are welcome to collaborate with 4-H youth on performances.

As a 4-Her you can be a Cloverbud or Club Member in any project, you don’t need to be in a related project to enter like you do at the county fair.

Why should I take part in the 4-H Cultural Arts Festival?

Taking part in the 4-H Cultural Arts Festival helps you to learn more about yourself and learn ways that you can improve as an artist. It also provides you a competitive experience that will help you to prepare for the fair. You can enter the items you enter at 4-H Cultural Arts at the fair too, so this can give you a head start and feedback on your fair entries!

This is also a great way to collaborate with your club, friends, or family members on a fun skit or performance.

And don’t forget, this is a great opportunity to perform on stage in front of a supportive audience.

Schedule- What to Expect

Now – March 15

Look over the entry forms and work with your families & club to determine what you plan to enter, and if you plan to take part in an individual or group performance.

Online forms are also available, if you go this route use your paper forms to keep track of what you are planning to enter.

Remember performances can be fun and short! The more performance entries we have the better!  This is your chance to get the experience of being up on a stage. We love simple performances from younger members, and short skits plays by groups of friends and family members. Have fun with this opportunity and get involved in your club!

Are you learning how to play an instrument? Consider performing a song you have been working on. Do you like to sing? Why not sing us one of your favorite songs? Group performances are a great way for your club to collaborate with one another.

March 15th

Entry forms are due to the 4-H Office.

This will give us enough time to plan for the event and make sure we have enough knowledgeable judges for the different categories.

April 1st

A schedule of events and specific details will be sent out to participating families.

April 5th:

Last day to drop off your entries at the 4-H office if you do not plan to attend the event in-person on the 13th.

April 13th: Showtime!

9am- Doors open

Come early if you’d like to have extra time to set up your art entries or practice your performances. The music room is available for your use to practice performances, and there is a piano both on-stage and in the music room.


Set up Art & Craft entries in the Commons & grab some juice, coffee, & snacks


Meet with judges to discuss your entries. (Optional)


Performances Begin (Schedule will go out April 1st)


Lunch & Intermission

1pm– TBA

Remaining Performances, short intermission, & announcement of award recipients & rosettes given.

** Detailed schedules will be sent out to participating families on April 1st.

Now is the time to start planning your entries so that they are ready to go by April!

Rules & forms listed above.

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