2023 4-H Sewing Camp


Join us for a fun day of learning to sew using a sewing machine and improving your sewing skills!

Open to all youth ages 5 & UP!

(Ages 5-8 must have a parent/guardian helper.)

Location: Iron River Community Center

Date & Time:

Saturday, February 18th 9-12/1pm

Sunday, March 5th 1-4/5pm

Optional Beginners Class: 9-10am/ 1-2pm

This optional class will be for youth new to sewing. We will go over threading the machine, winding the bobbin, stich adjustments, & pinning techniques. We will also use scrap fabric to practice accuracy and experiment with different types of stitches & machine adjustments.

Project class: 10-1pm/ 2-5pm 

Project: This year we will be making re-usable zipper snack bags/ toiletries bags. This is a nice basic project that includes learning how to sew in a zipper, which is a very useful skill! An assortment of fun fabrics, different zipper colors, thread, &  PUL (waterproof) liner fabric will be available for your use. Feel free to bring your own fabrics and supplies too. 

You could also upcycle clothing items or other textiles. Upcycled fabrics should be cut into 10″x10″ or larger squares. When upcycling, remember that stretchy or loose knit fabrics can be difficult to work with.

More skilled sewers will have time to make multiple bags, get creative with designs, or assist younger participants.

Cost: $5 (bring check or cash day-of)

Location: Iron River Community Center

Please plan to bring a sewing machine- if you do not own one ask around, maybe there is a family member or friend that you can borrow one from. Please get in contact with Kaylie.Lukas@wisc.edu (715-373-3287) if you are in need of a sewing machine. We will do our best to locate one for you to borrow.

Questions? Please contact Kaylie- 4-H Program Assistant at 715-373-3287 or Kaylie.Lukas@wisc.edu

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