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50% time Financial Security Extension Educator
Bayfield County UW-Madison Division of Extension office is based at the courthouse in Washburn, WI
Deadline to apply is October 14,2020

Financial Security Extension Educator Job Description & Application

The University of Wisconsin-Madison Division of Extension seeks an innovative and community-focused educator for the position of Financial Security Extension Educator within the Human Development and Relationships (HDR) Institute, to focus on financial capability. The Human Development and Relationships Institute facilitates and develops research-based educational processes and programs in Wisconsin for individuals, families, and communities. The Financial Security Extension Educator will serve the people within their geographic area by developing and implementing programming and educational opportunities, fostering partnerships and action, and facilitating positive impacts that support thriving individuals and families, effective organizations, healthy and vibrant communities and strong economies.

The primary accountability relationship for this position is the Area Extension Director, Area 1, for supervision, compensation and benefits and performance reviews.


Principal duties:

Programming (60%)
1. Utilize knowledge of local communities and partners to identify needs and deliver relevant programming;
2. Access, develop or adapt culturally-relevant, research-based educational programming to meet identified needs and opportunities;
3. Expand access by reaching and engaging diverse audiences and ensuring full access to programs, facilities, and educational services; and
4. Evaluate and report on programming by utilizing established tools and processes to inform future program design, improve effectiveness and demonstrate value.Collaboration & Relationships (30%)
1. Collaborate with local colleagues to promote a positive office environment, determine local needs, and share resources;
2. Develop and maintain respectful working relationships;
3. Collaborate with statewide colleagues within and across organizational structures to develop and adapt standardized and relevant programming; and
4. Promote Extension and its programs to build greater access, visibility and value.
5. Develop and/or support community coalitions and partnerships that extend programmatic reach and expand programmatic impact.Administrative & Programmatic Accountability (10%)
1. Communicate plans, activities and achievements to Area Extension Director, Program Manager and relevant stakeholders;
2. Creates a plan that identifies local audiences, describes the programming to meet their needs, connects to larger program objectives of Extension and assesses programming effectiveness; and
3. Submits reports that meet the requirements, policies, and established practices of the Division of Extension and partners, including federal Civil Rights requirements.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison Division of Extension is an EEO/AA institution committed to diversity among its employees and in its programs.


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