Edible Start Up Summit

Edible Start Up Summit

Edible Startup Summit 2020 is scheduled for Monday, Nov. 9 – Tuesday, Nov. 10. You can attend as many sessions as you like for the bargain price of $25.00. Scholarships will also be available.

Register through Eventbrite here: Edible Startup Summit 2020 

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three points on why to take class

Twenty sessions to choose from  

Three sessions for Cheq Bay locals


Edible Startup Summit 2020. This year, we will extend the Summit to two days and offer all sessions state-wide. Join us for a banquet of educational sessions on food business development, all from the comfort of your own home. Coffee is on you!


The Edible Startup Summit is a training program for food business start-ups and entrepreneurs. We provide talks, workshops, and consulting sessions so that you get the information, connections, and resources you need to help you launch and sustain your food business.


Within the space of the two day Summit, you’ll have the opportunity to hear from successful food entrepreneurs and business development experts about various aspects of building a sustainable food business. You’ll learn about trends in the food sector; product development; business planning; food safety, licensing, and regulations;  financial record keeping, financing, and pricing your product.


We will also offer regional networking events, so that you can build connections with fellow entrepreneurs to build a robust, sustainable, and connected food business ecosystem




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